Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13: Folks from work - Badar and Sajith

Some of us from work went to this lovely Indian restaurant, Yantra, for a lunch buffet. Clicked these two while tucking into the delicious food. Badar is our lone warrior in Pakistan and was in SG for a one-week trip. Sajith is a pseudo-mallu who used to claim his Malayalam is the real thing until I came along.


  1. Haa finally you are indulging us to some eye candies *grins*

    I love B&W portraits. They say so much without all those colours na?

  2. eye candies aa?? hahaha both fathers of 2 kids ma :) but yea, good looking nevertheless, ok agreed :D

    I love B&W too, brings more focus to the face(s).


I appreciate your thoughts.

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