Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19: Koi Nian Gao

Another one with the phone camera. Koi Nian Gao - Koi is a kind of fish (that looks a lot like the above) and Nian Gao means rice cake, in Chinese. The fish-shaped delicacy in the picture is a specialty served during Chinese New Year that falls on Feb 3rd and 4th this year. They tasted quite sweet and the texture is chewy because of the glutinous rice.

"In Chinese, nian gao doesn't only mean rice cake or Chinese New Year's cake. It also means every year gets better and better. The cake carries spiritual significance too." [Source]

As CNY draws nearer, expect more pictures that signify the festival in one way or the other :)


  1. I get to know more with ur project 365 and this name instantly brings smile in my face,may be the way i pronounced it :)

  2. Yeah i was trying it in several ways!

  3. ate half of the red one. The orange one is relieved it not him.

  4. Maxx, trying what in several ways??

    Anu, no no, I just tasted a bit of it. This was at work so some other folks must've tried it before I clicked a pic :D

  5. somehow the orange one reminds me of SJ's Ramaswamy! sobs...

  6. Yeah i was trying it in several ways!


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