Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22: Monopoly!

Saturday night at Divya and Raghu's playing the Singapore version of Monopoly. Was fun to be able to relate to the names of places. Had a lovely time!

PS: I also realised how competitive I get when I play this game. Kept yelling at poor TH through the game :D


  1. Brings back memories. Nice click Nags.

  2. This is my favourite board game. Nice pic, Nags! Does the Singapore version of Monopoly, make the players to pay more fine for various reasons?

  3. Good question Anjoo, I am curious too!

  4. How fun - I was playing Monopoly last night with my daughter- but the Disney movie version. She won.

  5. yes, we had a great time during the game! Strategic negotiations and transactions...We should play again! Let's do the faster version with 3 dice:)

  6. Anjoo and Usha, no it doesnt :D the rules and the cards are all the same :D hehehe

    Anu, you mean you let her win, right?

    Divya, yes we did! and faster version sounds even more fun! lets do it :D


I appreciate your thoughts.

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