Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6: Colours of Little India

We had to run some errands in Little India so I grabbed the chance to get some "Indian vegetables" at this vegetable stall next to Mustafa Stores, my usual haunt. They even throw in some curry leaves and coriander leaves free - just like back home!


  1. Nice pic! Onions are being sold at an exorbitant price in Chennai now. I think it is cheaper to buy vegetables in Singapore than in Chennai. There was a newsitem in the papers that many smaller hotels in Chennai have stopped making onion rava dosa and onion uttapam because of the sky high price of onions!.

  2. Back home? Forget it now Nagalakshmi. They charge 5rs here in Tirupur. I can imagine Chennai!

  3. What pretty colors! What's that little brown veggies on the left? Dirty Mushrooms or Sepangizhangu?

  4. Even I heard about the onion prices skyrocketing in India, not sure if its cheaper than SG anymore.

    I am quite surprised that they don't thrown in the 'leaves' free anymore! I think they still do in Kottayam, need to check with amma.

    Anu, that's seppankizhangu alright :)

  5. Gorgeous colours...Btw we get Onions at 29 cents a lb ;)(the only benefit so far living in CA)


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