Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34: India, Ahoy!

I know this must be a wide leap from the Chinese New Year lantern picture, but this really has to be the picture for today. We reached Gurgaon by afternoon and Suhel was driving us to the Gurgaon railway station to take the train to Jaipur. We got lost on the way and stopped to ask this boiled egg seller for directions. I lowered the car window wanting to click a picture. When I took out the camera (with its elongated lens, I must add), he jumped back yelling "Yeh kya kar rahe ho aap?!*".

I think he was convinced I was taking out a weapon to do him some harm. When he realised I was only trying to take his picture, he gave me this smile! Well mister egg-seller, my camera is fatal in a way. It takes fatally awesome pics ;) I mean, look at you!

* Roughly translates to (with tone) - what on earth are you doing?!


  1. If I haven't told you before here it is - I love your portraits.I can't wait to see the full set.

  2. You the best, HB! Will upload soon :)

  3. The expression on his face was priceless, I wish you could've captured that one as well:)

  4. LOL - lucky he didn't throw eggs at you! Can't wait to see all the pics MS. World Traveller ;-)

  5. sweet and you almost scared the eggs out of this guy!

  6. Uploading soon, Ann!

    Yeah I did :D

  7. I think you're the first I've ever heard say that.


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