Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 35: The Jaipur Day

The Gorgeous Amber / Amer Fort, Jaipur, India.

The entire day was spend in Jaipur, eating one Rajasthani thaali after another and generally enjoying the feeling of being in India. 


  1. I remember seeing this. Does this place have lots of pigeons at the gate like at Marine drive in Mumbai/Bombay?Love the reflection in water :)
    Rajasthani thali at Chowkidhaani?
    Random observation: Spell check recognizes Bombay and not Mumbai ;)
    I seriously need to ping you and say all this crap.

  2. Yes it does have tons of pigeons. Yes the thaali was at Chowki Dhaani :)

    Let's talk tomorrow HB!

  3. I like the stillness in this picture!

  4. I'm gasping at the picture and at the same time torn - can't say if I'm sad that I was not there too to see this or I super sad that I was not there too to eat that rajasthani thali?

  5. waiting to visit jaipur again in July. A's home is in Jaipur :-) have to go to Chowkidani with the gals this time. did u do the camel ride?

  6. Seeing the Jaipur pictures reminds me of my childhood days...Nice pics

  7. Soma, I generally don't like riding on animals. The Husband feels the same so we didn't do camel rides or elephant rides :)

    Thanks 365sweetmemories :)

  8. Gorgeous picture(s) Nags. I hope you took a picture of the thali that you mentioned, to tempt us all :-)


  9. I have one taken on the phone. They didn't allow my camera into Chowki Dhaani (a "park" set up like a Rajasthani village).

  10. I've never been to these parts of India! So beautiful!


I appreciate your thoughts.

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