Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50: Dessert at NYDC

We had been relatively 'good' over the past couple of weeks. I cooked every night and we didn't eat out or have dessert for what we now consider a long time. So Saturday night was dessert time at our favourite place, NYDC.


  1. Gosh that looks sinful!!

    We have been the opposite--not much eating out and dessert,but all that pulao,gobi manchurian,fried papads with puttu and endless bowls of custard with strawberries..sigh,even writing it is making me feel so guilty.So its a full week of diet food for us this week!!

  2. It looks yum! What is that? Cheesecake or mango?
    I've been really really bad lately :(

  3. Divya, we haven't been as good as I claimed I guess :D Papads are a part of our meal on most days too!

    Sig, the one in the front is mine, plain cheesecake with double choc chip ice cream and choc fudge. The one at the back is Amrith's - mango cheesecake with mango tango ice cream!

  4. that is looking so so so..... hmm wat shud I say !!!! time to take a break from work n go pick up a dessert for myself... else I can't concentrate on work.. :P

  5. Oh no! What have I done to you?!

  6. That looks yum! Wish I could stay away from desserts for at least 1 week.. :(


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