Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 123: The self-indulgence continues

Oh this? I was just trying to get the beach sand out of my toe nails.

 PS: you should all know that I have totally stepped out of my comfort zone posting a picture of my feet.


  1. Lovely colors. Original subject.

    As a photographer, aim for simple, non-distracting backgrounds. Also avoid anything brighter than the subject in the background. The eye tends to go what's brightest. (In the White House broadcast of Pres. Obama's Bin Laden speech, a bright lamp shown in the background, pulling attention away from his face.)

    Best of luck.
    Dennis Briskin
    Palo Alto, CA

  2. Thanks for the tips Dennis.

  3. First - Hifi girlfriend! This is what every woman should do every weekend.

    Second - wait..I thought you were only hand model - now you are expanding your horizons I see!

  4. Nice manly feet.


  5. You have beautiful feet!!


I appreciate your thoughts.

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