Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 77: I land in LA!

After 2 weeks in Mountain View, I was starved for some good South Indian food. Here's the feast Anu had cooked up for me. Clockwise from centre: rice with vatha kozhambu, kovakka fry, banana chips, cucumber-carrot salad, and the most amazing podi potta kathirikkai curry. Yumville!


  1. errr does Anu make new friends? Tell her am not that crazy as people make me sound ok?

  2. I am sure she wouldn't mind Sakshi :)

    Pragi, it sure was!

  3. It all looks yum! Is this Tamil cooking? I find Tamil cooking much more elaborate than what I am used to in my Malayali homes. It sure is worth all the effort too!

  4. Wow! What a treat after two weeks of eating out! You pick your friend well Nags! :)

  5. Glad you liked the vetha kuzhambu and rasam meal!

    @ Sakshi - heard great things about you!

  6. Thanks Prema.

    Pritz, yes this is tamil food. Its elaborate in the sense, the cooking time is higher and the flavours are usually more complex. I find Kerala cooking faster too.

    Sig, I sure do, don't I? :)

    Saaj - enthina??? aale vittekku! jeevichu pokkotte!

  7. Anu phew!! Nags said good things about me eh? I think the bribe did work well then ;)

  8. haha yes they all worked well, especially the halwa ;)


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