Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 102: Folks from work - Vinny and James

I was very tempted to title this Vinny and Jimmy but I wasn't sure how James would feel if I called him Jimmy :D

Take a picture of a Sri Lankan and a British guy this year? Check.

 PS: I know I could have done a better job with the lighting. Clicked in a hurry!


  1. reminds me of the song Jimmy jimmy jimmy...aaja aaja aaja ;)

  2. Saks - LOL! I hope he doesn't know the rest of the lyrics of song. :-)

  3. Saks, I knew you would remember all sorts of songs looking at this pic :D

    Siri, let's hope not!! :D

  4. Can I also add that jimmy is indeed adorable? NAGS I repeat your Google employs the best looking dudes ;)

  5. ..i dont see anything wrong with the lighting!..in fact this is one of the best clicks!

  6. The light is coming from their backs so their faces are only lit by the artificial lighting in the building. Would have been nicer if the natural light could fall on their faces. I will have to shoot Vinny again! He is extremely photogenic.

    Since James has been very well-appreciated I will let him off the hook :D


I appreciate your thoughts.

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