Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86: Message on the wall

I've been wanting a chalkboard, to hang in the house, for ages now. Although what I had in mind was those wooden-rimmed ones we see in India, when I came across this in Michael's in LA, I grabbed it. Now I get to leave all sorts of instructions/messages for TH on the kitchen wall!


  1. I loVe chalk board and chalk...there's something about running a soft chalk on a clean black board! !!! Michaels is an awesome place!


  2. Nags,
    That's a fantastic and romantic Idea to deliver messages to Hubby esp in Timeouts ;-) Gr8 Picture......

  3. With such a BOLD message he has no choice but to smile :) Btw I loveeeeeeeeee Michaels :)

  4. Nice one.adding this to my shopping list :)


I appreciate your thoughts.

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