Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 94: Nothing like fresh herbs

Day 92: Nothing like fresh herbs

Finally I have enough space and light for my own small herb garden. I got basil seeds from Sydney and they are growing nice and strong. Here's the picture of the basil as promised in this post. The mint is doing good too! 


  1. wow what a beautiful and soothing green

  2. Let me know if you'd like some Jeyashri :)

  3. What a beautiful plant, I can imagine the aroma! The only space we have available is occupied by a giant curry leaf plant! I want to grow basil, mint and cilantro too.

  4. I just got cilantro seeds from the US (i know, slightly ironic). waiting to get a new pot and then plant it. if i manage to get some rosemary too, my herb garden will be complete to me :)

  5. Is this Tulsi/holy basil that we have in india or some other variety. I read somewhere that thai basil is good for cooking. I am inspired and plan to grow my own basil. can you suggest which variety will be good n can be grown in India( I am in Shimla and  its not very hot here). Tulsi is easily available here.

  6. this is italian basil. the thai one is different and our holy basil or tulsi is different. you can try to get seeds, not sure of availability in shimla.


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