Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 135: Flowers for a friend

This is for you Pragi, for being my stranger friend, for being an inspiration in ways you don't know and  I don't understand, for indulging the senti queen in me, for sending me an email that made me smile inside for a long long time, and always always for my first Chandra Padmanabhan book. 

Image taken at the Westin Resorts lobby, Langkawi. One of the most innovative and pretty flower arrangements I have seen. 


  1. Aww.. how sweet! Thanks nagalakshmi! I cannot stop smiling :)

    What flowers are these btw?

  2. err... jamanthi, i think :D

  3. Hey Nags,

    Its been a long long time since I came online and checked out blogs!!! Lovely flower arrangement!!


  4. Oh , so pretty. Jamanthi?? not sure.. maybe i cannot relate to them arranged innovative'ly.

  5. what a lovely lovely pic... i love flowers and pics of them so this kind of made me feel good today. in fact, better than that.


I appreciate your thoughts.

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