Monday, May 30, 2011

Uninspired and Blegh

Feeling very unspired. I haven't taken any pictures in over a week. This was taken through a taxi window on our way to this wedding party


  1. Just go out to a park and shoot pics of some kids playing and jumping in the air. Inspiration will start flowing again! :)

  2. Ajith, great suggestion :)

    Akks, trust you to make me feel better when I most need it!! <>

  3. This is an art for lack of inspiration. I like this rainy day bokeh shot.

  4. The downside of 365 project: it makes people to take picture because they have to; not because they want to.

    Suggestion for inspiration, search for "15 Minute Photo Challenge" by Gavin Hoey on YouTube. There's a bunch of videos, and they'll give some fresh ideas :-).

    Good luck

  5. You are right about that GM. Heading to check out that video now :)

  6. Nags,
    The moment I log on to my lappie at the start of the day, I check whether u and some other bloggers have put in their P365 pictures for the day. In case u have not, I keep checking throughout the day for the picture of the day. I guess there are many others who do this... aint it a crime to disappoint so many of us by being lazy :P
    Wud love to see u back to Action soon..

  7. Thanks Ssant, and my3rdi. Very motivational you guys are :)


I appreciate your thoughts.

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