Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typewriter Key Pendants

Typewriter key pendants

I would have definitely bought one if they didn't cost 25 USD per piece. Didn't think it was worth that much so I guess here's something else that goes into my not-worth-buying-cuz-i-can-make-it-myself-for-cheaper list that never really gets done in the end.


  1. Hehe, that's the typical Indian thinking for you there! We believe we can make anything ourselves, cheaper. Have you watched this show called Goodness Gracious Me? There's a bit they do with the tag line from an old aunty "I can make this at home for nothing!" If you haven't, check it out on youtube, it's hillarious.
    Love the picture, and the pendants are very cute. I agree though, too costly!

  2. hey Nags,

    lovely fotos as usual..:) umm i have a doubt for you to clear..where do u store the fotos u take? i once uploaded in kodakgallery only to lose all of them one fine day :( read that u took 4000+ fotos during ur NY thot of checking with u...HELP..!!

  3. hey geets, i upload photos online in google+ but only the pics i like and want to share. everything i share in my blogs are uploaded to flickr (i have a pro account there). 

    i then backup every single picture into my hard disk, i have a 1tb one :)

  4. Thank u soo much Nags..Appreciate it :)


I appreciate your thoughts.

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