Saturday, October 8, 2011

Central Park, NY

Central Park, NY

For anyone who finds the pace of New York city too much, they need to visit the soul of it - Central Park. We set aside half a day and I really regret not spending more time there.

Photo entirely edited in Picnik.


  1. nagalakshmi, I had always wondered how it looked. I had read about it in so many books, thanks for sharing ur experience. I too loved it just looking at the pic.

  2. Lovely shot. I call this street photography.
    Like the overall relaxing mood in this shot.

    Picnik come handy when traveling, doesn't it.
    I have used it couple of times and still recommend it to friends.

  3. Beautiful pic Nags! Makes me wish I was lazying under the tree with a book.


I appreciate your thoughts.

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