Tuesday, April 17, 2012

God's Own Food


I can never look at a freshly cracked open coconut without wondering how the first person to discover it would've felt. Here's this hard, furry thing that has a super fibrous outer layer which I am sure he (who am I kidding, it was most likely a she) went through great difficulty to pry open. Then there's another hard nut-like thing and she cracks it open somehow and finds that it's leaking an almost clear liquid. Cautiously she tastes a few drops and realises it's sweet and delicious. But oh boy, she needs to go through all that trouble again because she wasn't prepared to collect it intact the first time around.

PS: If Kerala is God's Own Country, then coconut is God's Own Food, right? Right!


  1. Nice write-up! I was just thinking how I haven't cracked a coconut or even grated one...all thanks to living in Singapore!

    1. haha true! i buy fresh coconut whole sometimes and chip off pieces with the tip of a knife.

  2. cool.
    want to drink it's water :)

  3. Amazing the visit was worth…

  4. I keep thinking about all the edible things on the same lines. How did the first person think that this is edible. What about poisonous fruits? Did they try it on a trial and error basis. Or did they observe the animals? No one teaches the animals about good or bad food but they know what to avoid and what to eat. The cats and the dogs know which grass to eat when they have stomach upset..... well I can go on and on..... sorry there :-)


I appreciate your thoughts.

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