Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Although I'd been to Tokyo thrice before, I got a chance to head to the popular Tsukiji Fish Market only this time around. For one, I didn't want to go there if I wasn't going to see the tuna auctions that happen very early in the morning. And for that to happen, I either need to take the day off or do it on a Saturday.

It worked out the last time since I extended my trip, and TH joined me. One of the very few instances where I didn't regret the 3:30am wake-up call.

If you visit Tokyo, you will most likely go here but try not to miss the auctions early morning. It's like nothing else you'd ever see. If you are into sushi, there are some great places around the market to try it. Stay away from the santoku knives you find in the shops here though, they are overpriced. There's a better place to buy knives in all shapes and sizes - Kappabashi- the restaurant supply street where I spent an un-disclosable amount of money on Japanese pottery, knives (yes, in plural), and sake jugs.


  1. Nags, this meen market looks so glam! And all that stuff you write on tuna auctions, really? Whoa!

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